Instore LED

Content Management

The intuitive content management system allows you to change content in minutes, from a phone or laptop anywhere in the world, either on a single screen, on groups of screens or across your entire network.

You can have any variation of content in your playlist, from static images and animated videos to clocks, weather updates, RSS feeds or traffic alerts and you can display your screen content as you want it: whether it’s full-screen content or split-screen content.

We can create the digital signage solution that’s right for your content strategy.

CloudCasting is an end‐to‐end digital signage system provider, offering design, software, hardware, dynamic content and continuous operational service and support.

Digital signage plays an important part in influencing purchasing decisions, increasing brand awareness and reducing print costs and your carbon footprint. Whatever your reason for using screens, we have access to all screen formats – kiosks, magic mirrors and LED technologies – to bring your content and customer engagement to life.