iFace Digital Mirror

A mirror is something that everyone uses. It is a natural instinct to look at oneself in the mirror. Some more than others but everyone does it.

There is no better way to describe the iFace Digital Mirror then just that – it is just a mirror. BUT when turned on it becomes an unavoidable media that leaves a lasting impression. When placed in the same way you would place any mirror, the surprise factor of messages directed at your clients, images and/or videos appearing on it is inevitably focused on and remembered.

To name some of the locations the iFace Digital Mirror is being installed are:



retail stores

hotel lobbies and rooms (instead of a TV screen)




Virtually every mirror could be replaced with an iFace Digital Mirror.

The iFace Digital Mirror can play slideshows, videos with audio, and specially requested messages and promotions. Different content can be played on different iFace Digital Mirrors in the same establishment simultaneously. As it is remotely managed it enables infinite options for its use.

The benefits of installing an iFace are two fold. Not only does it enhance the customer experience, but it can also generate revenue for you. Should you wish to allow outside businesses to advertise on your iFace Digital Mirror CloudCasting can offer its media sales service to find suitable advertisers for you. The type of advertising and the revenue share is always agreed upon in advance.

iFace Digital Mirror at Home

The iFace is also available for individual purchase. When installed at home it can turn into the family’s communication and media center, by receiving regular TV channels, becoming your monitor, and connecting with your children’s game consoles. When turned off it becomes a decorative mirror on your wall and can be framed in anyway to match your interior design.

For more information or to order an iFace Digital Mirror please don’t hesitate to contact us info@thecloudcasting.com.