iFace Digital Mirror

What is the iFace digital mirror?

The iFace is a smart mirror, which features a digital screen that is completely hidden behind a mirror. Every iFace digital mirror (or magic mirror) that we make is custom because we can cut the mirror display surface area to different dimensions so that it fits into your interior perfectly. It is digital signage that is smart, elegant, seamless and you can update your communications on the mirror remotely, in minutes.

Smart Mirrors for Lift Installations

New or refurbished lift cars must have a mirror at the back to comply with disability laws. So why not install the iFace in your lifts and allow the Marketing Team to very easily communicate with guests who usually want to be entertained in that confined space.

We already work with the major lift companies, having completed many installs in corporate offices and hotels, such as the Zeppelin conference centre, Novotel, Ritz Carlton, The Kempinski, The Brighton Grand.

Magic Mirrors for Commercial Spaces

The iFace smart mirrors can be used in bars, corridors, cloakrooms, head office receptions, changing rooms… anywhere that you use screens or mirrors.

Update Your Digital Content

You can update your mirrors digital content yourselves, remotely in minutes via the digital signage CMS platform.

Interactive Smart Mirrors

We can make your iFace smart mirror interactive and even include gesture control. Contact us today at [email protected] if you have any questions or want to discuss your ideas and how we can help you fulfill them.