The Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest is one of the top 5 star hotels in Budapest, Hungary. Being a rather small city the competition is tough between the 5 star hotels, all located more or less within a kilometer of each other.

before and after

The hotel, having been built in the early 90’s, in 2012/2013 was in desperate need of a renovation to keep up with current interior design trends and the look someone would expect when entering their grand 5 star lobby.

An area were they were particularly out of date was their old display cases located throughout the lobby and events areas. These display cases were offered for rent to local businesses for advertising. These businesses would then place their product in the case (one business per case) such as shoes or porcelain with a sign directing hotel guests to their stores. There was no way this form of advertising was going to be able to remain. Their new sleek modern look was not going to be able to house these large stagnant glass cupboards.

The hotel however did not want to loose this advertising revenue. Additionally they thought if they could advertise more then one business in the same spot they could double/triple/quadruple (etc.) their revenue. They started to look into digital signage options. They needed something cutting edge, something unique and innovative that would bring not only several advertisers messages to their guests but also could be used as a surface for their own communication. Their own communication remained on flyers or letter boards located around the hotel.

Placing regular LCD screens around the Kempinski was considered. However how many screens can you place around an elegant luxurious interior before it starts to look like sports bar? The hotel then came across the iFace Digital Mirror, which they have now installed in all 4 guest elevators, the garage elevator, one large one in their lobby, and an additional 4 surrounding the entrance to their grand events room.

The iFace Digital Mirror is a one of a kind innovative form of digital signage. One that people will look into to catch a glimpse of themselves, to fix their hair, to straighten their shirt. Then unexpectedly the mirror begins to displays digital messages. The surprise of these messages appearing on the mirror surface is ultimately focused on and remembered. It is this surprise factor that makes the iFace Digital Mirror an unavoidable media. Also when turned off the iFace acts as an elegant decorative mirror keeping any high-end interior looking sharp and sexy. Not only could multiple advertisers now advertise in the same spot but they also could communicate with their guests on this unique surface.

Now that the hotel had found the right looking product their next concern was who was going to manage this total digital signage solution. They were not willing to hire another person to manage this system, create their own content, sell advertising space and manage the advertisers. They needed a low maintenance solution.

CloudCasting, the creators behind the iFace Digital Mirror, offer a complete solution. We provide every service surrounding the iFace. Not only do we provide the product but also handle the installation and ongoing maintenance of the mirrors.

Once installed CloudCasting can manage each iFace remotely, also creating the content for each iFace based on the needs of the client, uploading and removing content in only a few moments, and also selling and managing the ad space, contracts and invoices. The management of the iFaces and content creation for the hotel is completed for a low monthly fee. The advertising revenue is handled on a profit share basis.

To keep the iFaces up to date and relevant, CloudCasting is in weekly contact with the hotel Discussing upcoming new services, current services, promotions and events that the hotel would like to promote. The hotel provides images and text that they would like CloudCasting to use in the content that will be created for them. There are also discussions regarding strategic advertising clients and relationships to help strengthen the hotels brand. The hotel of course has full control over who can advertise on their network and CloudCasting supports them by executing this strategy.

The Kempinski, without having to add to their already heavy work load have installed their own extremely low maintenance unique digital signage network. Their guests feel the cutting edge transformation the hotel has gone through over the last year and this is reflected in their numbers having had their best February ever in the history of the hotel.