Dynamic communication on a digital mirror in a dynamic working space

Mothership of Work (MOW) is a co-working hub for a dynamic community of on-the-go entrepreneurs and freelancers. The downtown Helsinki hub that is fueled by Sponda, a property development and investment company, offers workspace for up to 300 creative professionals. MOW introduces a new way of working,

“physically in Helsinki, otherwise out of this world”

as the MOW members like to put it. Providing residents with the latest technology Read more

First issue of CloudCastings Quarterly Chronicles

CloudCasting is proud to announce that their very first issue of their quarterly newsletter has now been sent out! To read it please click here. If you would like to sign up for it please do so by filling out the field below in the footer.

Epidemic Sound First Production Music Library to Win Exempt Status From Hungarian PRO Artisjus

Our strategic partner Epidemic Sound made a huge announcement last week.

“This is a major milestone with ramifications way beyond Hungary,”

said Oscar Höglund, Epidemic Sound co-founder and chief executive officer. Read more