Below are only a few samples of the tens of thousands of songs from our royalty free music catalogue. You can choose the styles you like and make your own playlist.


Rock as you know it. Classic, easy listening and rock, with a hint of 80’s up to the present day.

Just Cruising

Power music, which is reminiscent of heavy, rock and roll and ‘hittin’ the road’ music styles. The blues mixed with rock songs, fast paced and up beat, is a great solution for pubs, brasseries or youthful commercial places.

Latin Groove

Latin, thrilling, and with a fun carnival feel not forgetting the pounding rhythm. This selection contains South American musical styles: from salsa to meringue, from rumba to tango, also Spanish and Mexican music.

Holiday Music

A compilation of light and lively mostly instrumental music channel exuding the feeling of a pleasant sunny weekend. This package includes Reggae, Ska, rock’abilly, road music and country songs as well, a great option for youthful trendy places during the Holiday Season!

The Blues

This channel covers a selection ranging from classic Chicago and Mississippi blues to modern blues. Mixed with pop, rock, funky, and on the road music this is a great choice for pubs, clubs, taverns, and even as background music in bars.

Funky Time

This channel features a brilliant instrumental collection of traditional 70 to 80’s funky and soul music, mixed with modern versions as well. It is also well suited to be played with any Pop, Blues, or Just Cruisin’ music channels forming a colorful and varied repertoire for the audience.


This channel recalls the classical jazz mood. Different versions of swing, cool, ragtime, dixieland, and swing-manouche can be found here. Light music, which works great on it’s own, but can also be mixed with funky or latin musical styles provide an excellent, easy-themed background music.

Vibrant Pop

This channel consists of sounds from the 90s until the present. The dominant instrumental presence is also brightened up by electronic music scenes as well. Together with the Soft Pop and Pop Vocal channels this forms a complete entertainment solution for any location.

Soft Pop

This selection evokes memories of pop music from the 60s and 80s. It is characterized by instrumental and guitar sounds, but also contains flashes of disco and rock’n’roll from the same era. Soft pop is a great option in places where radio is typically used. Mixed with other channels this can satisfy a wide and varied range of musical tastes.


This channel seeks to reflect today’s world of electronic music like House, Dance, Trance, Ambient, drum’n bass styles. This is a great choice for clothing stores for young people, a game room or for gyms as well.


Chillout, part of the ambient world is a special category of the 21st century’s electronic music. It is sometimes loose, sometimes meditative, sometimes loud, and sometimes relaxing.

Pop Vocal

This is a selection of music spanning over several eras. Colourful and funky, from rap to country, sampling from British indie style and the world of rock and roll. Together with Soft Pop, Vibrant Pop, Blues, Funky, Latin, Happy Holidays, and Just Cruisin’ channels this forms an impulsive, cozy, widely applicable background music playlist.

Spa Relax

This repertoire covers the world of chillout, ambient and world musical styles, emphasizing meditative, spa and relaxing atmospheres within all genres. This package is recommended for spas, swimming pools, wellness centers, saunas, various medical clinics.

Jazz Rhythm

Brings today’s modern, easy listening, mainstream, smooth jazz vibe to its listeners and together with classical jazz music completes the package of the colorful world of jazz. Mixed together with the Chill – Lounge and World Music channels serve well in bars, cafes and public spaces.

Chill – Lounge – World Music

Our selection contains pleasant, instrumentally loaded, medium dynamic acquisitions. One of the most popular music channels for a quiet bar, lounge, lodge or reception area. It is an excellent choice for public places, hotel bars or elevators as well.

Bella Italia

As this channels name suggests its filled with a Mediterranean-style music genre, reminiscent of Italy. It has the atmosphere of an Italian pizzeria, but can easily be played in a French coffee shop or a Spanish wine bar or even a Greek taverna. A gentle, easy, light musical extravaganza.


Romantic harmony’s with soft and gentle melody’s that gives the atmosphere of a beautiful Valentine’s Day.


This Country music channel contains not only the classic western tunes, but a lot of different and distinct styles that fall under western, such as mexican, west coast, road trip, etc. The difference in styles, creates a colorful, diverse background music collection.

Christmas pop

Christmas lounge