After years of experience, we understand music and digital signage content and how best to use the two channels.

Video Content

The content management system will allow you to show different content, in different locations at different times of the day, that automatically changes at the right time of day and night.

Content can also be dynamic, by linking to your EPOS so in hospitality, screens can automatically reflect any price changes.

Our in-house music and graphics team is ready to create content for you.

Don’t let your screens become expensive posters! When it comes to on-screen media, it is your chance to explain, inspire and help your customers make a decision. For example:

  • Upsell by showing the accessories that compliment the dress she’s trying on

  • Encourage customers to try new menu combinations

  • Promote your latest value-add service

  • Give them a reason to return to the store next week – new arrivals or planned events