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In-store Music

We are hugely passionate about instore music. It’s what we do and we work very closely with our clients: hotels, retailers, restaurants, gyms, automotive dealerships, garden centres and high-end boutique brands. So, with a love of music and access to our huge music database, our Music Programming Team is ready to create the right soundtrack for your brand and customer profile. Music can have a very powerful influence on our emotions, moods and behaviour so it’s important to get it right.

Whether it’s soulful background in-store music or the latest artists and beats to energise and inspire, let our team handpick the right instore music for your business. Every track in our music library is lyric checked, and as our in-store playlists are created by humans (not algorithms), you can speak to your Programmer directly at any time, to discuss any comments or changes you may require.

The playlists that we supply can be scheduled, meaning we can adjust the tempos and styles of music to suit business trading patterns, specific locations, regions or days of the week. We can also create tailored playlists for special events, however long or short you need them

Music Player

  • We provide you with our small plug-and-play solid state media player that, once plugged in to your router, connects to your existing speaker system and is up and running in minutes.
  • It can also operate via your Wifi and importantly, if the WiFi drops out, your music will still play – you will not get silence.
  • We monitor all client networks daily to check your players are online.
  • We can schedule playlists (and messages) to suit your exact requirements throughout the day, week or year.
  • With so few moving parts, the player is extremely reliable.

Arrange your instore music today: [email protected]