CloudCasting has partnered with Getty Images and Epidemic Sound including other highly regarded names in the Audio and Visual industries to provide our clients with one of the largest archives of top notch content available. Our services are all custom designed to reinforce your brand, creating memorable and unique shopping experiences.


CloudCasting has a dedicated creative team to assist in every step of your digital marketing and communication strategy. This includes anything from creating a brand identity, to strengthening an already existing strategy, social media planning, content production and interactive campaigns. Sit back and be inspired.


With one of the largest catalogs of Rights Included Music (see DAM music), including various genres and channels, we create custom audio solutions for each and every client.
By producing either an all-out branded radio channel, with branded spots and promotions included, or purely providing an in-store radio solution we deliver a strengthened brand identity, and the ultimate shoppers experience.


In store visual content is all about taking ones brand and reinforcing it. Whether digital screens display daily or even hourly (!) promotions, images that you want associated with your brand or your own products, CloudCasting can create these for you by using high resolution animated images and video. In addition to our vast content library, we are also able to create video from scratch with our professional film crews.


Not only do we stimulate shoppers visually and audibly we also create digitally interactive campaigns that can be participated in from anywhere, bringing the shopper and brand even closer together. Through customer appreciation, cutting edge contests, loyalty programs, promotions, rewards, and instant gratification brand loyalty and sales can only sky rocket.