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Royalty Free Music

If you want an affordable alternative to PPL/PRS licensed music tracks then our best-in-class royalty-free music is the solution for you. Contact us today and we can help reduce your music licensing costs without compromising quality. With access to the world’s best licence-free music database boasting the same production qualities and sounds as Original Artists. It really is that good. And with over 15 different music genres to choose from – pop, urban, chill, dance, R&B Soul, Hip-Hop, Funk, Rock, Acoustic, etc…. we will be able to provide you with a curated playlist that suits your brand and customer profile.

Our royalty free database also includes impressive seasonal selections so for Valentines, Halloween and Christmas we have you covered!

No PPL/PRS Fees and the most robust legal backing in the industry = huge savings and peace of mind.

Music Player

  • We provide you with our small plug-and-play solid state media player that, once plugged in to your router, connects to your existing speaker system and is up and running in minutes.
  • It can also operate via your Wifi and importantly, if the WiFi drops out, your music will still play – you will not get silence.
  • We monitor all client networks daily to check your players are online.
  • We can schedule playlists (and messages) to suit your exact requirements throughout the day, week or year.
  • With so few moving parts, the player is extremely reliable.

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