Sound Solutions

Should your business not yet have a built in sound system, CloudCasting is able to provide you with a complete sound solution. Our Audio technicians will put together the ultimate sound system required for your establishment ensuring the optimal speaker placement and acoustics for easy listening and enjoyable entertainment.

Digital Signage

CloudCasting works with some of the best names in the television screen industry. We only provide our clients with the most modern and appropriate on the market. We work with any combination of size, quantity, and placement of screens. It is about what will benefit your business the most.
Our digital signage screens are driven by our cutting edge software partner signagelive. Which allows us to update the content on your digital signage from anywhere in the world at anytime.


Our professional technicians will install any of the above mentioned equipment for you and more. We have the ability to install them after closing hours so as not to interrupt your business and your customers. Installation is a well practiced process by us and business may carry on as usual the next day.


We provide all our clients with our 24 hour hotline number should you experience any difficulties with your audio and visual solutions. One of our experienced support staff will be ready and able to assist you either over the phone or by appointment in your place of business. Also all of our equipment comes with their standard product guarantees.