Advertise with us

Would you like to advertise your product or services on one of our Audio or Visual digital networks? Get in touch with us here to find out more.

Advertising Sales

If you have digital signage installed in your place of business promoting your products with special offers, interacting with your customers and reinforcing your brand you already have a complete digital signage solution. But what if you could also generate revenue by allowing brands that compliment your business to advertise on your screens?

Should you decide you want to include advertising into your digital signage mix CloudCasting, based on revenue share, would agree with you on which brands you find suitable and would do the work for you, selling the advertising space only to them. You would have complete control of all messages before they appear on your screens without any surprises.

ROI Measurement

CloudCasting has partnered with RMI a communications agency who specialise in media sales and campaign activity evaluation. They have developed an award-winning cloud-based easy to use software platform called BASE. BASE is comprised of three elements, skuBASE, planBASE and infoBASE. skuBASE is a very powerful evaluation tool which provides insight and proof of ROI to enable better and more effective media planning and sales of your digital campaigns.

Channel Coordination

If CloudCasting is contracted to provide you with an end to end service, we will manage all your chosen media channels for you.
We will make sure that what is being posted on your social media pages matches what is being played on your screens in store and all the while providing you with in store audio that confirms your current digital campaign.