Lipsy, a worldwide clothing and retail brand, headquartered in London have installed one of the single largest iFace Digital Mirrors built to date. The mirror measuring 289cm x 178cm with an active 55” vertically placed screen was placed into the changing room of their newly designed sleek modern store. The mirror compliments the stores new image and only adds to the desired feel and look.

The iFace is used to strengthen their brand with words and phrases displayed related to their identity. They also use the iFace to promote their current collections, cat walk shows, and special guest collections with high definition video shot especially for them. There are also glamorous animated effects which feel luxurious and create the right atmosphere.

The clients’ satisfaction is confirmed by their continuous desire to update and have new content created.

Customer: Lipsy
iFace size: 1780×2890 mm
Screen size: 55”